Today i was 12096150_832669380164260_114375152356699143_nvery thankful to God and i felt the grace of God.
I decided to go to church with anquette today but suddenly she prayed for me in the morning.
God put in on her mind to bring me to a korean church.
It was so amazing. She doesn’t know korean. She knows just two words “kat
She decided to go to a korean church with me.
It was very touching and i’m very thank for to Anquette and to God. He gave her a sweet idea.
When we came back to the house, we shared grace. It was so awesome!!!!!12096207_832669400164258_5965079220759456794_n
Today’s sermon was from Genesis and it was Abraham.
Infact this grace leaves me with no choice but to serve God….♡